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eBuyDushi’s Online Marketplace: Providing Bonaire With Local Classifieds

About Bonaire

This laid-back Caribbean island is the perfect place to get away and relax or, if you’re more adventurous, participate in activities such as scuba diving. Known as one of the best dive destinations, Bonaire is located in the Southern Caribbean on a popular cruise route that includes Curacao, Aruba, Puerto Rico, and other picturesque tropical islands.


A municipality of the Netherlands, this Dutch island is a popular destination for travelers looking to escape the cold winter months in the northern part of the equator. Bonaire has consistent weather year-round, so you can expect high temperatures around 28-30 degrees celsius year-round.

What to do around Bonaire

Bonaire is known as the “shore dive capital of the world,” which means you could say it’s known for its diving. With 86 shore diving spots to choose from, you’ll be able to spot scorpionfish, frogfish, glowing ostracod, and tons of sea turtles.


If diving doesn’t tickle your fancy, Bonaire Landsailing Adventure offers land sailing, where you can spend 30 fun-filled minutes racing around a track on wind-powered karts. The island is also known for windsurfing as well. You can rent setups or take classes from places like Jibe City in Sorobon if you’re feeling adventurous.


Then of course you have the mouthwatering cuisine of Bonaire, from fresh seafood to goat stew, you’ll find just about anything to satisfy your cravings. The majority of Bonaire cuisine comes from European and African culture. The grilled fish called Piska is a popular dish typically made from mahi-mahi or woohoo served with fries, a small salad, rice, and sometimes a stewed tomato sauce.

Tips for selling items on eBuyDushi

To get the most out of our online marketplace, you need a mix of great photos, a fair price, and a clever advertisement. Here are 5 eBuyDushi selling tips:



  • Plan and Research – Do some research to find the best price and write the best description.


  1. Price Your Item – Decide whether you want to run your ad at a firm price or as a best offer price.
  2. Use Photos – A good picture is your best friend and can be the key to drawing a buyer in.
  3. Create a Clear Headline – The title is the first thing people see and it’s how buyers search for items.
  4. Write an Informative Description –  Include all the relevant information you can think of so that your buyers are informed before they call you.

Post your Ad to eBuyDushi

To post your advertisement(s) on eBuyDushi, simply choose from one of our four packages:


  • Free – Gives you 1 listing, 1 location, and 3 images.

€3.00/ 2 Months – For 3 businesses, gives you up to 3 Categories, 2 Locations, 5 Images, and 1 Video.

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