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eBuyDushi: The Curacao Classifieds Marketplace

About Curacao

Discovered in 1499 by Alonso de Ojeda, a lieutenant to Christopher Columbus, the island is thought to have been originally named Corazon (meaning “heart” in Spanish). However, at some point shortly after, the island appeared on Portuguese maps as Curacao, meaning “heart” in Portuguese, which is the name that stuck.


Curacao became a Dutch territory in 1634, and since then has become autonomous with the Kingdom of the Netherlands in 2010. While Dutch is the official language of the island, English and Spanish are also common to hear, as is the native language Papiamentu, which is a mixture of 7 different languages (Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, French, English, African, and Arawak Indian).

What to do around Curacao

Linked by the Queen Emma bridge, the capital of Curacao, Willemstad, has two sides, Punda to the east of the St. Anna Bay and Otrobanda to the west. As a UNESCO World Heritage City, Willemstad is famous for its row of colorful colonial Dutch houses on the historical waterfront street, Handelskade.


Other popular destinations in the town include a floating market, which is a network of boats from Venezuela that sell bananas, avocados, yuca, and all sorts of produce at super low prices. After that, another popular destination is the old market, Plasa Bieu, which is now a modern food court that’s great for lunch.


For the adventurous types, you can head out to the Hato Caves, home to limestone formations, pools, waterfalls, and many famous statues. Or, if you’re yearning for the beach, Playa Abou is one of the most popular beaches on the island for locals. Here you can snorkel in the crystal clear waters or go cliff jumping off rocks that border the lagoon.

Tips for selling items on eBuyDushi

To get the most out of our online marketplace, you need a mix of great photos, a fair price, and a clever advertisement. Here are 5 eBuyDushi selling tips:



  • Plan and Research – Do some research to find the best price and write the best description.


  1. Price Your Item – Decide whether you want to run your ad at a firm price or as a best offer price.
  2. Use Photos – A good picture is your best friend and can be the key to drawing a buyer in.
  3. Create a Clear Headline – The title is the first thing people see and it’s how buyers search for items.
  4. Write an Informative Description –  Include all the relevant information you can think of so that your buyers are informed before they call you.

Post your Ad to eBuyDushi

To post your advertisement(s) on eBuyDushi, simply choose from one of our four packages:


  • Free – Gives you 1 listing, 1 location, and 3 images.
  • €3.00/ 2 Months – For 3 businesses, gives you up to 3 Categories, 2 Locations, 5 Images, and 1 Video.
  • €5.00/ 3 Months – For 5 businesses, gives you up to 5 Categories, 3 Locations, 7 Images, and 2 Videos.
  • €10.00/ 5 Months – For 8 businesses, gives you a Banner Ad valid for 1 month, 8 Categories, 3 Locations, 10 Images, and 5 Videos.


Increase your company’s online presence, visibility, and revenue by utilizing eBuyDushi’s online marketplace for buyers, sellers, employers, and those looking for employment on the beautiful island of Curacao!

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