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Aruba’s Classifieds Marketplace: Where Arubans Buy and Sell

About Aruba

Aruba is one of the three ABC islands in the southern Caribbean that also includes Bonaire and Curacao. As an independent country within the Kingdom of the Netherlands, Aruba has a population of 100,000 inhabitants.


Conveniently located outside the hurricane belt, Aruba has great weather year-round, meaning there is no bad time to visit. From its dry desert, the glamourous resorts of Palm Beach, the activity of Oranjestad (the capital), to the tranquil beaches and inlets of the southern coast, Aruba is unlike any other Caribbean island.

What to do in Aruba

Nicknamed “One Happy Island,” every place on the island is worth a visit. For day trips, you can ride ATVs through the cactus-covered desert, lounge on world-class beaches, kiteboard through crashing waves, or feed flamingos on private islands. For a can’t miss experience, take a tour in a submarine and see the world from 130 feet (40 meters) below. You can witness barracudas, turtles, and even the Antilla, a World War II German freighter that sank, now the Caribbean’s largest shipwreck.


If you’re in Aruba, you must check out Oranjestad, one of the most colorful and vibrant capitals in the Caribbean. The Dutch-inspired buildings bring Amsterdam to this tropical paradise, filled with cafes, boutique shops, and amazing bars and restaurants. Take advantage of the free trolley that starts near the cruise terminals and makes its way to the other end of town. And if it’s art you’re looking for, head down to the little town of San Nicolas, which has five blocks’ worth of large murals blanketing its downtown streets.

Tips for selling items on eBuyDushi

To get the most out of our online marketplace, you need a mix of great photos, a fair price, and a clever advertisement. Here are 5 eBuyDushi selling tips:



  • Plan and Research – Do some research to find the best price and write the best description.


  1. Price Your Item – Decide whether you want to run your ad at a firm price or as a best offer price.
  2. Use Photos – A good picture is your best friend and can be the key to drawing a buyer in.
  3. Create a Clear Headline – The title is the first thing people see and it’s how buyers search for items.
  4. Write an Informative Description – Include all the relevant information you can think of so that your buyers are informed before they call you.

Post your Ad to eBuyDushi

To post your advertisement(s) on eBuyDushi, simply choose from one of our four packages:


  • Free – Gives you 1 listing, 1 location, and 3 images.
  • €3.00/ 2 Months – For 3 businesses, gives you up to 3 Categories, 2 Locations, 5 Images, and 1 Video.
  • €5.00/ 3 Months – For 5 businesses, gives you up to 5 Categories, 3 Locations, 7 Images, and 2 Videos.
  • €10.00/ 5 Months – For 8 businesses, gives you a Banner Ad valid for 1 month, 8 Categories, 3 Locations, 10 Images, and 5 Videos.


Increase your company’s online presence, visibility, and revenue by utilizing eBuyDushi’s online marketplace for buyers, sellers, employers, and those looking for employment on the beautiful island of Aruba!

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